『境界觸發者 舞台劇』 -The B-Rank Wars Begin-
"World Trigger the Stage" -The B-Rank Wars Begin-
現場直播 / Live Viewing

2023年8月27日(日)11:00 開演(台灣時間)
Sunday, August 27, 2023 from 11:00 in Taiwan Time
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『境界觸發者 舞台劇』 -The B-Rank Wars Begin- 現場直播

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    『境界觸發者 舞台劇』 -The B-Rank Wars Begin- 決定舉行現場直播!
    "World Trigger the Stage" -The B-Rank Wars Begin- Live Viewing is confirmed!!


『境界觸發者 舞台劇』 -The B-Rank Wars Begin- 現場直播
“World Trigger the Stage” -The B-Rank Wars Begin- Live Viewing

Sunday, August 27, 2023, start at 11:00 (TW Time) 

台灣的電影院 / Movie theaters in Taiwan.

『境界觸發者 舞台劇』 -The B-Rank Wars Begin- 官方網頁 /
“World Trigger the Stage” -The B-Rank Wars Begin- Official Homepage:https://worldtriggerthestage.com/
主辦 / Organized by:Marvelous Inc.
發行 / Distributed by:Live Viewing Japan Inc.
© 葦原大介/集英社 ©『ワールドトリガー the Stage』製作委員会


超人氣科幻動作漫畫《World Trigger》的舞台劇版第三彈
「-The B-Rank Wars Begin-」的千秋楽

於2023年8月27日(日)、東京都天王洲銀河劇場舉行的「『境界觸發者 舞台劇』 -The B-Rank Wars Begin-」,已決定於日本及台灣的電影院舉行現場直播!

《境界觸發者》是一部描繪被稱為「BORDER」的境界防衛組織如何對抗被稱為「近界民」的異世界入侵者,大受歡迎的科幻動作漫畫作品,累計發行量超過1500萬冊。它於2013年開始在《週刊少年Jump》連載,自2018年開始在《Jump Square》連載至今。
「境界觸發者 the Stage」是一部舞台劇作品,採用了一種名為「Physical × Live performance」的新表達形式,利用演員的身體能力並結合有節奏感的音樂,在舞台上描繪出《World Trigger》的世界。這部舞台劇在2021年11月進行了首演,之後於2022年8月舉行了大規模入侵篇的演出。

一起在戲院的大屏幕上,身歷其境地體驗進化後的「World Trigger the Stage」吧!
*1 視頻1包含全20名演員。在中場休息時,將循環播放圖像。你也可以將照片發布到社交媒體,並記得在帖子中加上“#ワーステ”的標籤。(僅限拍照,不得錄制視頻。)
*2 視頻2是預先錄制的,不是直播視頻。

The 3rd stage of the popular SF action manga “World Trigger”
The final performance of “The B-Rank Wars Begin”
will be live broadcasted to the movie theaters in Japan and Taiwan!

On August 27, 2023 (Sun), held at The Galaxy Theatre (Tokyo), the last performance of “World Trigger the Stage” -The B-Rank Wars Begin- will be live broadcasted to movie theaters in Japan and Taiwan.

“World Trigger” is a hugely popular SF action manga series that depicts an organization fighting against invaders from a parallel world known as “Neighbors”. It has surpassed a cumulative circulation of over 15 million copies. The series began serialization in 2013 in Weekly Shonen Jump and has been continuing its serialization in Jump Square since 2018.
Furthermore, on the TV Asahi network, the first season was animated in 2014, followed by the second and third season in 2021.
“World Trigger the Stage” is a theatrical production that incorporates a new form of expression called “Physical × Live performance,” which utilizes the physical abilities of actors and combines them with rhythmic music to depict the world of “World Trigger” on stage. The stage play premiered in November 2021 and later held performances for the large-scale “Invasion Arc” in August 2022.
This third stage will focus on the pinnacle of team battles — the stage adaptation of the B-Rank Wars! in August 2022.

Experience the further advancement of “World Trigger the Stage” on the big screen in the movie theater!
We have prepared two bonus videos exclusively for the live viewing event!
[Video 1] During the intermission after Act 1, character animation images with handwritten messages from the casts will be screened! Photo shooting is also allowed! (*1)
[Video 2] After the show, comments from the cast members to the movie theater audience will be shown! (*2)
*1 All 20 cast members is included. The image loop will be projected on screen during the intermission. You can also post the photos on social media and remember to add the hashtag “#ワーステ” in your posts. (Only photo shooting is allowed. Please refrain from recording videos.)
*2 This video is not a live, but pre-recorded video.
*The bonus content is subject to change without prior notice. Please understand in advance.

Keisuke Ueda as Yūma Kuga / Takuya Mizoguchi as Osamu Mikumo

Arisa Sonohara as Chika Amatori / Himika Akaneya as Shiori Usami / Shogo Tazuru as Reiji Kizaki
Yuta Iiyama as Kōhei Izumi / Rinka Ishikawa as Kaho Mikami / Akari Saito as Haruka Ayatsuji
Kento Ono as Masataka Ninomiya / Bishin Kawasumi as Masato Kageura / Saku Momose as Yuzuru Ema
Juri as Haruaki Azuma / Tokihiro Tauchi as Kotaro Suwa / Kouhei Shiota as Tatsuya Kuruma
Seiya Motoki as Kou Murakami / Akito Teshima as Tetsuji Arafune / Riko Tanaka as Rei Nasu
Mire as Yuko Kumagai / Karin Takahashi as Akane Hiura / Anju Inami as Sakurako Taketomi

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Taiwan Vie Show Cinemas Taipei Qsquare Ticket Window
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Aug 10 12:00 (Thu)
Vie Show Cinemas Taichung Taroko Mall
Vie Show Cinemas Tainan FE21


※Please note that, same as a show, some audiences may applaud inside the theater during the event.
※Please note that the screening might be terminated before the end of the performance, if the show time is substantially longer than expected.
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