Yuzuru Hanyu ICE STORY 2nd “RE_PRAY” TOUR Live Streaming
羽生結弦 ICE STORY 2nd “RE_PRAY” 巡演 線上直播

【Miyagi Show】Tuesday, April 9, 2024 16:00 (JST)
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【Miyagi】Yuzuru Hanyu ICE STORY 2nd “RE_PRAY” TOUR Live Streaming

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    Yuzuru Hanyu ICE STORY 2nd “RE_PRAY” TOUR in MIYAGI Live Streaming is confirmed!


Yuzuru Hanyu ICE STORY 2nd “RE_PRAY” TOUR in MIYAGI Live Streaming

羽生結弦 ICE STORY 2nd “RE_PRAY” 巡演  宮城公演 線上直播

Tuesday, April 9, 2024, 16:00 Start (JST)
2024年4月9日(二)16:00 開演(日本時間)

Live Streaming Platform / 直播平台 : Beyond LIVE https://beyondlive.com

Supported languages: English, Korean, Chinese (simplified and traditional), Thai, Indonesian, Vietnamese, Spanish, French, Portuguese, and Tagalog

You cannot view this performance in Japan, Mainland China, and Russia. 

Yuzuru Hanyu ICE STORY 2nd “RE_PRAY” TOUR Official Website / 官方網頁: https://repray-icestory.jp/
Organized by / 主辦:tv asahi / CIC / teamSirius
Distributed by / 發行:Live Viewing Japan Inc.


Yuzuru Hanyu’s 3rd installment of solo performances
with him taking on the role of executive producer
You can see the final performance on Beyond LIVE!

  This performance will incorporate ethics and values from the “game world”, a major element in Yuzuru Hanyu’s experience. MIKIKO will be in charge of the direction, as in the previous “GIFT”, and the dream tag team will be back again.

  Let’s watch the story of Yuzuru Hanyu’s words and skates, a story of questions and “prayers” for the soul, together with fans from all over the world.

最終場將在Beyond LIVE進行線上直播!




Yuzuru Hanyu ICE STORY 2nd “RE_PRAY” TOUR in MIYAGI Live Streaming
羽生結弦 ICE STORY 2nd “RE_PRAY” 巡演 宮城公演 線上直播

【Live streaming Date and Time】April 9, 2024 (Tue) 16:00 (JST)
【Archive Date and Time】 April 22, 2024 (Mon) 15:00 (JST) ― April 30, 2024 (Tue) 23:59 (JST)

【直播日期】 2024年4月9日 (二) 16:00 (日本時間)
【回放期間】 2024年4月22日(二)15:00(日本時間)至 2024年4月30日(二) 23:59(日本時間)

【Ticket Price / Sales Period】

①LIVE ONLY:USD 30 + fee USD 2
Sales Period:March 18, 2024 (MON) 11:00 (JST) 〜 April 9, 2024 (TUE), 17:00 (JST)
②LIVE + Archive:USD 33 + fee USD 2
Sales Period:March 18, 2024 (MON) 11:00 (JST) 〜 April 9, 2024 (TUE), 17:00 (JST)
③Archive ONLY:USD 33 + fee USD 2
Sales Period:April 9, 2024 (TUE), 17:00 (JST) 〜 April 30 2024 (TUE), 23:00 (JST)


【票價 / 售票期間】

①僅直播:USD 30 + 手續費 USD 2
售票期間:2024年3月18日 (一)11 :00(日本時間)〜 2024年4月9日(二)17:00(日本時間)
②直播 + 回放:USD 33 + 手續費 USD 2
售票期間:2024年3月18日(一)11 :00(日本時間)〜 2024年4月9日(二)17:00 (日本時間)
③僅回放:USD 33 + 手續費 USD 2
售票期間:2024年4月9日(二)17:00(日本時間)〜 2024年4月30日(二)23:00 (日本時間)


【Ticket Reservation Precautions】

– Each account can only purchase one ticket.
– This online streaming ticket will be sold exclusively through Beyond LIVE and will not be sold by any other ticketing agency.
– Illegal activities such as transferring redeem codes to another person through unauthorized methods or purchasing the ticket through any unofficial means are prohibited. Please be aware that you are solely responsible for any damages or harm that result from the use of illegal ticketing websites, or unauthorized reservation services from any unauthorized parties.
– Please note that due to the copyright issues, Archive service is not available in the Korea.
– You cannot view this performance in the Mainland China,Japan and Russia. Please note that even if you succeed in purchasing, it is difficult to get a refund for the ticket.


– 每個賬戶只能購買一張門票。
– 此次線上直播僅通過Beyond LIVE售票,不會在其他票務平台售票。
– 一律禁止以不正當方式向他人提供兌換碼以及通過非官方渠道購票等違法行為。請注意,您需要對使用非法售票網站或非官方提供的訂票平台造成的一切損失負責。
– 請注意,由於版權問題,韓國不提供回放服務。
– 您無法在中國大陸、俄羅斯以及日本收看本次公演。請注意,即使購票成功,也無法退款。

【About Beyond LIVE】

Beyond LIVE is a global concert streaming platform jointly launched by South Korea SM Entertainment and JYP Entertainment in 2020. There have been accesses and membership registrations from more than 190 countries and regions, of which about 80% are outside Japan. The website and inquiries (customer support) are available in Japanese, English, and Korean, and tickets can be purchased and streamed from over 200 countries and regions.

Beyond LIVE homepage:https://beyondlive.com/