Monster Hunter Orchestra Concert 2021

Tuesday, September 28th, 2021
18:30 Open|19:00 Start (JST)
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Monster Hunter Orchestra Concert 2021

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Monster Hunter Orchestra Concert 2021

Tuesday, September 28th, 2021 18:30 Open|19:00 Start (JST)
2021年9月28日(二)18:30 開場19:00開演(日本時間)

Archive Streaming Period: After the performance 〜 23:59 on Monday, October 11th, 2021 (JST)


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Monster Hunter Orchestra Concert 2021” will be held online again this year without an audience!
This year’s Monster Hunter Orchestra Concert will focus on “Monster Hunter Rise” from the latest Monster Hunter series!
We welcome luxurious guests and fully express the world view!!

It is now confirmed that on Tuesday, September 28, 2021, the online concert without an audience, “Monster Hunter Orchestra Concert 2021,” will be live streamed by GLOBE CODING.

The “Monster Hunter Orchestra Concert” where you can enjoy the music of the “Monster Hunter” series will be held again this year. The first concert started in 2009, the 5th anniversary of Monster Hunter, and has been held every year since 2014. In 2019, it is a popular orchestra concert held in 5 cities nationwide to commemorate the 15th anniversary of the series. Last year, it held the first non-audience live distribution performance to the whole world (excluding mainland China). It was accessed more than 5,000 times, including the archive streaming period, and the first online event was a great success.

In this “Monster Hunter Orchestra Concert 2021”, the collaboration between the powerful images of monsters and the vigorous performance of the orchestra is still alive. It is also a highlight to enjoy the performance of the orchestra with the camera angle unique to online, such as the facial expressions and hands of the performers, which cannot be seen from the audience seat. In addition, many popular songs from the series are scheduled to be performed this time, centering on the songs from “Monster Hunter Rise,” which has been well received in the series.

The conductor is Hirofumi Kurita, a maestro who has been waving his baton of Monster Hunter Orchestra Concert for eight consecutive years since 2014. It will be performed by the Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra, one of the most prestigious orchestras in Japan. It is decided that guest vocals include Hideki Ishigaki (Shakuhachi) and Momoka Enomoto (Biwa) who also participated in the recording of “Monster Hunter Rise”, as well as Izumi Kato who performed a wonderful singing voice in the game. In addition, Sho Asano (Tsugaru Shamisen) and Daisuke Miyazaki (Guitar) will also appear, and the gorgeous guests will color the world of Monster Hunter. Ryozo Tsujimoto, the producer of the “Monster Hunter” series, will also appear as a talk guest, making the orchestra concert more interesting than ever.


今年的音樂節將主要選取魔物獵人系列最新作品《Monster Hunter Rise》的曲目!

         於2021 年 9 月 28 日(二)舉辦的無觀衆網路直播《Monster Hunter Orchestra Concert  2021》,將於GLOBE CODING進行現場直播。

        今年將再次舉辦可欣賞到《魔物獵人》系列音樂的交響音樂會《狩獵音樂祭》。此音樂會於2009年魔物獵人5週年首演,從2014年開始每年舉辦。2019年在日本全國5個城市舉辦了為紀念系列作品15週年的人氣交響音樂會。 去年,舉辦了第一場面向全球(不包括中國大陸)的無觀衆網路直播演出。包含節目重溫在内,達到5000次以上訪問量,第一次在線活動取得了巨大成功。

        在這場《狩獵音樂祭2021》中,強大的魔物形象和交響樂隊激情的表演交映生輝。 表演者的面部表情和手部特寫等,於觀眾席無法看到的線上獨有的鏡頭角度,將成爲欣賞本場交響音樂會的一大亮點。 此外,這次將以廣受好評的《Monster Hunter Rise》的歌曲為中心,上演系列作品的多首熱門歌曲。

        指揮是從2014年開始連續八年執棒狩獵音樂節的著名指揮栗田博文。演奏由日本最負盛名的樂團之一的東京愛樂交響樂團擔任。將由參加過《Monster Hunter Rise》錄製的石垣秀基(尺八)和榎本百香(琵琶),以及在遊戲中展現美妙歌聲的加藤いづみ(演唱)擔任演出嘉賓! 此外,加上浅野祥(津輕三味線)和宮﨑大介(吉他)的出演,華麗的嘉賓陣容將為魔物獵人的世界增光添彩。《魔物獵人》系列的製作人辻本良三也將作為談話嘉賓登場,這更為此交響音樂會錦上添花。

Conductor: Hirofumi Kurita
Performance: Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra
Guests: Izumi Kato (Vocals), Hideki Ishigaki (Shakuhachi), Momoka Enomoto (Biwa), Sho Asano (Tsugaru Shamisen), Daisuke Miyazaki (Guitar)
Talk Guest: Ryozo Tsujimoto Producer


<Main songs to be performed: (☆) = First performance song>
♪ Kamura’s Song of Purification (☆) 
♪ Barbarous Beast – Magnamalo (☆) 
♪ The Rampage Medley (☆) 
♪ Bonding Winds MONSTER HUNTER STORIES 2 version (☆) 
♪ Spark of Blue – Zinogre
♪ Splendiferous Silver Sovereign – Velkhana
♪ The Legend Descends – Fatalis: World Version 〜 Limitless Courage
And More…!!
Performance songs are subject to change.

♪ カムラ祓え歌 (☆)
♪ 悪逆無道/マガイマガド (☆)
♪ 百竜夜行メドレー (☆)
♪ 風の絆 モンスターハンターストーリーズ 2 version (☆)
♪ 閃烈なる蒼光/ジンオウガ
♪ 壮麗纏いし銀盤の貴人/イヴェルカーナ
♪ 舞い降りる伝説/ミラボレアス:World version ~無限の勇気を持ちて

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