Fukuyama Masaharu Live Film
Kotodama no Sakiwau Natsu
"Boy Meets The Music"
@Nippon Budokan 2023

From Feb 6 (Tue) 2024
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Fukuyama Masaharu Live Film Kotodama no Sakiwau Natsu “Boy Meets The Music” @Nippon Budokan 2023

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Fukuyama Masaharu Live Film Kotodama no Sakiwau Natsu “Boy Meets The Music” @Nippon Budokan 2023

Date: From Feb 6 (Tue) 2024

Venue: Movie theaters in Hong Kong and Taiwan

■FUKUYAMA MASAHARU LIVE FILM Official Site: https://www.fukuyamamasaharu-livefilm.com/
■Director:Masaharu Fukuyama ■Cast:Masaharu Fukuyama, Hinata Hiiragi
■Production:Amuse ■Overseas Distributor:LIVE VIEWING JAPAN
■Copyright:©︎2024 Amuse Inc.


Masaharu Fukuyama’s “First” LIVE FILM
The boy of that summer day was once me――
On-stage autobiography by Masaharu Fukuyama

 Masaharu Fukuyama has been a singer for over 30 years since his debut in 1990. He is one of Japan’s leading artists, having achieved No. 1 album sales in his 20s, 30s, 40s, and 50s, and holds the record for the No. 1 total CD sales by a male solo artist in history. He has been active not only in music, but also in drama, film, radio, and many other fields, and has remained at the forefront since his debut. Fukuyama himself directed the film version of “Kotodama no Sakiwau Natsu @NIPPON BUDOKAN 2023,” which was held in the summer of 2023! The first live film, “Fukuyama Masaharu Live Film Kotodama no Sakiwau Natsu “Boy Meets The Music” @Nippon Budokan 2023,” will be screened in Hong Kong and Taiwan in 2024!

 The film adapts the first live performance since the long-restricted cheering during the Covid-19 pandemic was lifted for the first time in three and a half years. The many cheering sounds delivered live to Fukuyama from the audience, and the enthusiasm and excitement of the audience that filled the venue and connected with each and every one of them in that summer, will be revived in theaters as a new film work.

 This film is directed by Fukuyama himself. Fukuyama supervised all aspects of the overall direction, video, and sound of the live performance. High-quality footage of the actual live performance was recorded using more than 40 cameras in all 360° angles, and for the first time in Nippon Budokan history, drone shooting was conducted with the audience in the arena. In addition, the best Dolby Atmos® sound technology was utilized to pursue the ideal sound expression with thorough attention to every detail. In creating this film, Fukuyama’s goal was not to create a “simulated experience that is like watching a live performance,” but a “live experience that surpasses a live performance. In this film production, he pursued the “ideal live sound,” “ideal live performance,” and “visual world” in his own brain to create the ultimate “live performance beyond the live performance” to be made into a film using the latest technology in the year 2023. The film also incorporates a storyline that only a film can tell, and “Masaharu Fukuyama as a boy,” played by actor Hinata Hiiragi, is the key to the work. Hiiragi played the boyhood of Hiromi Minami, the character he played in “The Last Man: The Blind Profiler” on TBS Sunday Theater, in which Fukuyama played the lead role. The film also features beautiful scenic inserts shot in his hometown of Nagasaki and CG effects, and these elements combine to create a film that uses the live performance itself as its source material in pursuit of the ultimate “ideal image of live performance.”
 ※Drone shooting is conducted in accordance with the venue’s regulations.

Masaharu Fukuyama profile

Born on February 6, 1969. Born in Nagasaki, Japan.
In 1990, he made his debut as a singer-songwriter with “追憶の雨の中(Tsuioku no Ame no Naka).”
Since then, he has been active in a wide range of fields, including music, acting, photography, and radio personality.
As an actor, he won the Best Actor Award at the 12th TAMA Film Awards (held in November 2020) for his performances in Hiroshi Nishitani’s “マチネの終わりに (At the End of the Matinee)” (released in November 2019) and Shunji Iwai’s “Last Letter” (released in January 2020).
In December 2020, his original album “AKIRA,” released to commemorate the 30th anniversary of his music debut,
debuted at No. 1 on the Oricon Weekly Album Ranking.
“The number of No. 1 albums,” “No. 1 albums for four consecutive generations,” and “Total number of singles and albums sold” were all new records for the year.
In the April 2023 season, he played the role of the main character, the blind FBI agent Hiromi Minami, in TBS Sunday Theater’s “The Last Man: The Blind Profiler “.
In the same year, he will voice the Japanese version of King Magnifico in Disney’s 100th anniversary film “Wish,” which will be released on December 15, and will also make his first attempt at a musical.

Venue List/Ticket

Area Cinema Screening Date Ticketing Information
Hong Kong K11 Art House

Feb 6 (Tue)
Feb 22 (Thu)
Feb 23 (Fri)
Mar 9 (Sat) *New

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Grand Kornhill Feb 24 (Sat)
Movie Town Feb 25 (Sun)
Mar 16 (Sat) *New
Taiwan Vie Show Cinemas Taipei Hsin Yi From Feb 6 (Tue) Official Website / Mobile App / Ticket Window
Vie Show Cinemas Taipei Qsquare From Feb 6 (Tue)
Vie Show Cinemas Yulon City From Feb 6 (Tue)
Vie Show Cinemas Taoyuan Tonlin From Feb 6 (Tue)
Vie Show Cinemas Hsin Chu Fe21 From Feb 6 (Tue)
Vie Show Cinemas Taichung Taroko Mall From Feb 6 (Tue)
Vie Show Cinemas Tainan T.S. Dream Mall From Feb 6 (Tue)
Vie Show Cinemas KHS From Feb 6 (Tue)
Ambassador Theatres Spring Center From Feb 6 (Tue)
Ambassador Theatres Linkou Shine Square From Feb 6 (Tue)
Ambassador Theatres Bade Kwong Fong Plaza From Feb 6 (Tue)
Ambassador Theatres Kaohsiung Taroko Park From Feb 6 (Tue)
in89 Cinemax From Feb 6 (Tue) Ticket Window
Venice Cinemas From Feb 6 (Tue)
Showtime Cinemas Wenxin Site From Feb 6 (Tue) Official Website / Mobile App / Ticket Window


Masaharu Fukuyama’s comment

     About a year ago, I was asked, “Would you like to make a live film with the same acoustics as if you were listening to the sound at that live concert?” To be honest, when I first heard this proposal, I was not at all enthusiastic about it. I thought that the enthusiasm and excitement of a live concert for the audience could only be found in a real live concert, so what was the point of going to the trouble of making a film? I wondered.

     Still, the project started with the encouragement of the staff, who said, “We’ll decide how to output it later, so why don’t we start by recording live footage with the latest equipment?Now that we have begun to move forward, it is only natural that I, as the overall director of the live performance, should consider the theme of this work. So first, I proposed that actor Hinata Hiiragi, who played Hiromi Minami’s childhood in the Sunday theater production of “The Last Man: The Blind Profiler,” play the role of “Fukuyama as a boy.” By doing so, we were able to add the story of “my boyhood self going to meet my 2023 self.”

     In the process of working in a studio that could reproduce “Dolby Atmos” sound almost perfectly, the meaning and significance of making this film finally became clear to me. What I want to deliver through this film is not a simulated experience of being in a live concert hall, but the ultimate “live performance beyond live performance” that pursues the “ideal live performance sound” and “ideal live performance visual world” in my brain. The ultimate “live performance beyond the live performance” is to be experienced with the latest technology in 2023.

     In the sense that I have arrived at the essence of this film and that I take full responsibility for it, I have consequently designated myself as “director.”
Please look forward to its release.