Live viewing (Movie theaters, etc.)|
How to watch

Are there any points of behavior to keep in mind at Live Viewing venues?

・ Recording audio or video images, photography, or streaming events using any equipment such as cameras or mobile phones is prohibited inside venues. Anyone performing any of these acts will be asked to delete the recorded content before leaving the venue.
・Prohibited behavior includes standing on seats while viewing, kicking seats located in front, beating or tapping objects, making statements unrelated to the main event content, or otherwise interfere with the viewing of other patrons. In addition, viewing from aisles or outside designated seating is prohibited.
・Please turn off all mobile phones, alarms, and other devices that may emit sound during the screening.
・Use of noise-making devices (whistles, crackers, musical instruments, etc.) in venues is strictly prohibited.
・Penlights, glow sticks, etc. may be suitable for use, depending on the performance, but if these are too bright or too long in overall length, not only will they affect the images projected on screen, but they will also inconvenience other customers. Please refrain from using these.
・If you do not follow the instructions or precautions given by the staff at the venue, or if you are deemed to be causing trouble to other customers, you may be denied entry. We will not be responsible for any incidents that are caused by not following the instructions or precautions from the official staff.

We ask for your cooperation and consideration of others so that everyone taking part can enjoy the live viewing.

I didn’t make it to the screening on time—can I enter partway through the performance?
There are no restrictions on entering during performances. Please check your seat reservation in advance and enter quietly so as not to inconvenience other patrons.
What time does the screening end?
Finish times will vary, depending on the showing.
In the case of a live broadcast, the start time of the main performance may be delayed or the performance time may change depending on the situation, therefore we may not be able to provide specific information on time. Thank you in advance for your understanding.

Live viewing (Movie theaters, etc.)|

I would like to attend using a wheelchair. Is this supported?
The situation will vary depending on the venue, so please check directly with the venue you plan to attend.
I’d like you to arrange a live viewing at a movie theater close to me.
Venues are selected in consultation with organizers, so they will vary from event to event.
Extra venues may be added in some cases, so please check the Live viewing information page for the event you plan to attend.

Live viewing (Movie theaters, etc.)|

What do I need to know about tickets?
・Purchase, transfer, or resale of tickets for the purpose of profit(via online auctions, ticket sales sites, ticket shops, etc.)is strictly prohibited under any circumstances.
・When purchasing a ticket, please be sure to confirm the performance name, date and time, and movie theater name before purchasing. No changes or refunds can be made after purchase.
・Each ticket is valid only for one person only, and only for the date, time, and venue printed on the ticket.
・Please be sure to keep your ticket until the end of the performance.
・Please note that if you remove the ticket stub before entering the venue, the ticket will be invalid.
・If the screening is interrupted or canceled due to unavoidable circumstances, your ticket will be required for the refund procedure. In this case, please be sure to keep your ticket for future use after the performance.
Do any discounts apply, such as child rates, student discounts, special movie days, etc.?
There are no discounts that apply.
However, some performances may offer special rates, so please check the Live viewing information page you plan to attend.
Where can I purchase tickets?

Tickets are sold at each play guide (eplus, Lawson Ticket, Ticket Pia, etc.) generally. Some fan clubs may also sell tickets in advance for certain performances.
The ticket sales method may differ based on the performance, so please check the Live Viewing information page of the performance you wish to attend.
To purchase tickets at play guides, you may need to register as a member of each play guide (free of charge) in advance.
For more details, please check the website of each play guide.

Tickets can be purchased at movie theater counters, via websites, apps, etc.
Please check each movie theater’s website for detailed information.

Is there a limit to the number of tickets I can purchase?
Depending on the performance, the number of ticket purchases may be limited.
If I have any inquiries about purchasing tickets or any questions after purchasing, who should I contact?

We regret that we are unable to respond to inquiries regarding tickets.
We apologize for any inconvenience, but please contact the ticket agency where you purchased (or plan to purchase) the ticket directly.

We regret that we are unable to respond to inquiries regarding tickets.
We apologize for the inconvenience, but please contact directly the movie theater where you purchased (or plan to purchase) tickets.

I have lost my ticket. Can it be reissued?
Tickets will not be reissued in any case, whether lost, destroyed, stolen, damaged, or forgotten. Please keep your tickets in a safe place.
I’m no longer able to attend the event. Can I get a refund?

No refunds will be made for any reason after the ticket has been purchased.

The situation differs for each performance, so please check the Live Viewing information page of the performance you are attending for further details.

When can I receive my audience gift?
Strictly limited to the Live viewing featuring gifts for audience members, these gifts will be available at the venue where you view the performance.
Please be aware that gifts will not be available at other venues not listed on your ticket.
Additionally, gifts can only be received on the day of the event.
Gifts will only be distributed on the day of the live viewing. No replacement is available for non-defective products.
If you arrive after the show has started and were unable to receive your gift at the entrance, please be sure to ask the venue staff by the end of the day.
*Please make sure to open the package of your gift on the same day and check for any defects. We will not be able to exchange defective products except on the same day of the day.
How do I purchase tickets for Live Viewing events held overseas?
Sales methods for Live Viewing held overseas will vary depending on the country of implementation.
Please check the Live Viewing information page for the show you plan to watch.
Also, please note that overseas tickets cannot be purchased within Japan.

Live viewing (Movie theaters, etc.)|

Do you offer sales of event merchandise?
Official goods and limited edition goods for Live Viewing may be available depending on the performance.
In the event that official goods are sold, information will be found in the “Merchandise ” section on the Live Viewing Information page.
When will sale of merchandise start?
Basically, sales will start from the movie theater’s opening time on the day of the Live viewing only. Opening time will vary depending on the movie theater. Depending on the performance, a starting time for sales may be set.
For details, please check “Merchandise” on the Live Viewing information page of the event you plan to attend.
Is there any limit on quantities of merchandise sold?
Depending on the event, unit quantities of merchandise for sale may be limited.
For details, please check “Merchandise” on the Live Viewing information page of the event you plan to attend.
Can I purchase merchandise without having a ticket?
Basically, merchandise can be purchased without a ticket; however, depending on the event performance, it may be available only to those with a ticket or be on priority sale to those with a ticket. In this case, this information can be found under “Merchandise” on the Live Viewing information page of the event you plan to attend.
The merchandise I purchased is defective. Can I exchange it?
If you notice any damage immediately after purchase, we will replace the merchandise with a new item at the store where you purchased it. In any other case, please contact the movie theater where you purchased the item, or contact us via our inquiry form.

Live streaming (Online service)|

What is Live Streaming?
Unlike Live Viewing at movie theaters, you can watch the program you like on your own PC, smartphone or other device through the Internet. Some performances will be live streamed in real time, while others will be recorded.
Can I download the streaming video?
This is a streaming format and cannot be downloaded.
Unauthorized reproduction of the video or audio on the Internet may result in legal liability. Kindly observe good manners when watching.
Until when can tickets be purchased for viewing?
The date and time will differ for each performance. Also, if the event is held simultaneously on multiple distribution media, the date and time of sale may differ depending on the distribution media. For more details, please check the ticket section of the live streaming information page you plan to watch.
Are the tickets limited in number?
It will be different for each performance. Please check the live streaming information page of the performance you plan to watch.
How much is the ticket handling fee?
Ticketing handling fees vary depending on the distribution media. Please check the ticket application page of the media you plan to watch.
Can I cancel or make a refund if I cannot watch the program on the day?
No cancellations, changes, or refunds will be made under any circumstances after tickets have been purchased.
Please tell me about the viewing and communication environment.
The environment differs depending on the distribution media. Ensure to check the viewing and communication environment of the distribution media you plan to watch prior to purchasing tickets.
Please note that we are not responsible for any problems with viewing caused by your Internet conditions.
Can I purchase tickets or watch the show from overseas?
It depends on the distribution media. Please check with the distribution media you plan to watch to see if it is possible to purchase tickets and watch the event from overseas.
How do I watch it?
It varies depending on the distribution media. Please check the streaming media you are planning to watch in advance for the viewing instructions.
If there is a concentration of access just before the start of the show, it may be difficult to connect to the distribution server. Please allow sufficient time and be patient while waiting on the streaming screen.
Is there a guarantee that there will be archived broadcasts (* missed broadcasts)?
It depends on each performance. Please check the live streaming information page of the performance you plan to watch.
Can I rewind the video if I start it late after the start time?
In the case of live streaming, if you start watching from the middle, the video will be shown from that point. You will not be able to rewind the video.
For archived broadcasts, you can watch from any time point you like.
If archived videos are available, can I watch them as many times as I want within the viewing period?
You can watch the archived broadcast as many times as you want within the viewing period with the ticket you purchased for the live broadcast.
Who should I contact if I have any questions about details of ticket purchase or viewing method?
Please contact the distribution media you have purchased (or are planning to purchase) tickets from.


There’s a performance I really want to see. Could you please arrange live viewing/ live streaming for it?
We are always eager to read requests and opinions received from our customers, and we make every effort to explore the possibilities and meet these requests wherever possible. However, please note that this may not be possible in light of specific circumstances.
Please also note that we are unable to respond to inquiries regarding content that has not been announced on our official website.

For corporate clients

If you have a performance for which you would like to arrange live viewing/ live streaming, whether in Japan or overseas, please contact us using the dedicated inquiry form, specifying the date and time, and event content.

For Media Inquiries

If you wish to request an interview with us or our films/ distribution content, please refer to the contact information in the press release or use the contact form.