Fantasy on Ice 2024 Live Viewing

[Makuhari Show] Satday, May 25, 2024, start at 13:00 (HK/TW Time)
[幕張公演] 2023年5月25日(六)開演13:00(香港/台灣時間)
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Fantasy on Ice 2024 Live Viewing

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    Fantasy on Ice 2024 live viewing is confirmed!


Fantasy on Ice 2024 Live Viewing / 現場直播

【Makuhari Show】 Saturday, May 25 2024, 13:00 Start (HK/TW Time)

Movie theaters in Hong Kong and Taiwan

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Fantasy on Ice 2024 Official Website / 官方網頁:
Organized by / 主辦:Fantasy on Ice 2024 in MAKUHARI Executive Committee
Distributed by / 發行:Live Viewing Japan Inc.


Yuzuru Hanyu, Keiji Tanaka, Satoko Miyahara, and other gorgeous skaters, along with
T.M.Revolution / Takanori Nishikawa, Yu Shirota, and Rei Yasuda, will be performing!
Fantasy on Ice 2024 in Makuhari will be broadcast live in movie theaters in Hong Kong and Taiwan!

“Fantasy on Ice 2024” which will be held at Makuhari Event Hall (Chiba Prefecture) on Saturday, May 25, will be broadcast live to movie theaters in Hong Kong and Taiwan.

Bringing together top figure skaters from the Olympic Games and World Championships, this event promises a spectacular entertainment extravaganza.
Amidst a myriad of ice performances, it stands out with its luxurious and exhilarating atmosphere.
The Legendary Ice Show “Fantasy on Ice”, which has thrilled people around the world, returns once again!
The glamorous collaboration with artists transports people to another world.
The powerful vocals of the live performance resonate with the graceful skating of the skaters, creating a fantastical world that seems otherworldly, truly a fantasy!

Please enjoy this magical performance that can only be experienced here and now on the big screen of the cinema!

T.M.Revolution / 西川貴教、城田優、安田REI的合作演出!
Fantasy on Ice幕張公演將在香港及台灣電影院舉辦直播!

2024年5月25日(六)在幕張EVENT HALL(千葉縣)舉行的「Fantasy on Ice 2024 in MAKUHARI」已確定於香港及台灣的電影院舉行現場直播!

曾打動各地觀眾的「傳奇冰上表演」“Fantasy on Ice”再次上演!


<Performers in Makuhari Show/幕張公演演出者>
羽生 結弦(Yuzuru HANYU)、ステファン・ランビエル(Stephane LAMBIEL)、ハビエル・フェルナンデス(Javier FERNANDEZ)
田中 刑事(Keiji TANAKA)、山本 草太(Sota YAMAMOTO)、アダム・シャオ イム ファ(Adam SIAO HIM FA)
デニス・バシリエフス(Deniss VASILJEVS)、中田 璃士(Rio NAKATA)
宮原 知子(Satoko MIYAHARA)、青木 祐奈(Yuna AOKI)、上薗 恋奈(Rena UEZONO)
◆Ice Dance/冰上舞蹈
ガブリエラ・パパダキス(Gabriella PAPADAKIS) & ギヨーム・シゼロン(Guillaume CIZERON)
パイパー・ギレス(Piper GILLES) & ポール・ポワリエ(Paul POIRIER)
◆Flying on Ice/冰上飛人
メリー・アゼベド(Mery ACEVEDO) & アルフォンソ・カンパ(Alfonso CAMPA)
T.M.Revolution / 西川貴教(Takanori NISHIKAWA)、城田 優(Yu SHIROTA)、安田レイ(Rei YASUDA)

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