9/4 (Sat): Subaru Kimura・Tomokazu Sugita
9/5 (Sun): Junichi Suwabe・Hiroyuki Yoshino
9/25 (Sat): Tasuku Hatanaka・Taku Yashiro
9/26 (Sun): Junya Enoki・Showtaro Morikubo
10/9 (Sat): Hiro Shimono・Tomoaki Maeno
10/10 (Sun): Shouta Aoi・Hiroki Yasumoto
※For all performances
Day: 12:30 Start/Night: 17:00 Start (HK/TW Time)
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    “AD-LIVE 2021” LIVE VIEWING movie theaters confirmed in Hong Kong and Taiwan!

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    “AD-LIVE 2021” LIVE VIEWING confirmed in Hong Kong and Taiwan!



<Schedule: Act>

2021/9/4 (Sat)  12:30 Start/17:00 Start: Subaru Kimura・Tomokazu Sugita
2021/9/5 (Sun)  12:30 Start/17:00 Start: Junichi Suwabe・Hiroyuki Yoshino
2021/9/25 (Sat)  12:30 Start/17:00 Start: Tasuku Hatanaka・Taku Yashiro
2021/9/26 (Sun)  12:30 Start/17:00 Start: Junya Enoki・Showtaro Morikubo
2021/10/9 (Sat)  12:30 Start/17:00 Start: Hiro Shimono・Tomoaki Maeno
2021/10/10 (Sun)  12:30 Start/17:00 Start: Shouta Aoi・Hiroki Yasumoto
& Yumenosuke (CV: Kenichi Suzumura)
※All the time above is Hong Kong / Taiwan Time.


2021年9月4日(六)12:30開演/17:00開演:木村 昴・杉田智和
2021年9月25日(六)12:30開演/17:00開演:畠中 祐・八代 拓
2021年10月9日(六)12:30開演/17:00開演:下野 紘・前野智昭


Venue: Movie theaters in Japan, Hong Kong, and Taiwan.

■ “AD-LIVE 2021” Official Website / 官方網站 https://ad-live-project.com/
■ Official Twitter / 官方推特 @AD_LIVE_Project
Organized by / 主辦:AD-LIVE Project
Distributed by / 發行:Live Viewing Japan Inc.
©AD-LIVE Project


This year’s “AD-LIVE” will be the “World of ’if’” drawn in the two acts
A total of 12 shows with “Public Stance” and “Private Opinion “, performed by 13 gorgeous popular voice actors will be live broadcasted to movie theaters!!

It is confirmed that all 12 performances of “AD-LIVE 2021”, which will be held for 6 days from Saturday, September 4, 2021, will be live broadcasted.

Performed by many popular voice actors, “AD-LIVE” spins everything with ad lib, whose general producer is Kenichi Suzumura.
The performance in 2020 became a big topic due to the collaboration in stage production and live distribution with SCRAP, the mystery production expert.
And the theme of the 2021 performance will be “if~Public Stance and Private Opinion~”. A total of 13 popular voice actors, including 5 of whom perform “AD-LIVE” for the first time, will challenge the unpredictable drama that will be born only on that day, the spot, and the moment!

A story about a “dream” spun in the two acts for the first time! Please enjoy the world of “if” presented by “AD-LIVE” with the big screen of a movie theater!



      從202194日(六)起舉辦的《AD-LIVE 20216天全部12場公演將舉辦現場直播。



The theme of “AD-LIVE 2021” is “if~Public Stance and Private Opinion~”

“What would happen to my life if the choices I made at that time were different…”.
The world of “if” that everyone envisions will be the theme of this year.
The big difference in this year’s “AD-LIVE” is that it has a two-act structure.
Although the story unfolds with the same settings for both first act and second act,
the cast plays “Public Stance” in the first act and “Private Opinion” in the second act.
The performance gimmick and the punch line of one act are decided by the lottery, and the story creates an even more unexpected development.

Two stories branched at the crossroads of life. What kind of change will occur in the story between “Public Stance” and “Private Opinion”?

The stage of such a story is Yumenosuke Honpo, a company that supports your dreams.
A mysterious company founded by Yumenosuke Kano, who was the king of hotels in Japan.

“Public Stance” and “Private Opinion” are related to the goal of life, “dream”…
What kind of dreams do the characters draw and how do they play “Public Stance” and ” Private Opinion”?
What are the endings of the two stories…?

The world of “if” presented by “AD-LIVE” that never stops evolving.
Don’t miss the miraculous moment!

《AD-LIVE 2021》的主題是《if~場面話和真心話~》






Venue List/Ticket

Show Date & Time

(local time)

Ticketing Information

(local time)

Ticket On Sale

(local time)

Area Hong Kong Taipei
Movie Theater MCL TELFORD CINEMA Vie Show Cinemas Taipei Qsquare
Sep 4 (Sat) & Sep 5 (Sun) Aug 13 (Fri) 12:00 Aug 24 (Tue) 12:00
Sep 25 (Sat) & Sep 26 (Sun) Aug 27 (Fri) 12:00 Sep 20 (Mon) 12:00
Oct 9 (Sat) & Oct 10 (Sun) Sep 10 (Fri) 12:00 Oct 4 (Mon) 12:00


※After you have purchased the ticket, you cannot change it or ask for a refund regardless of the circumstances. Please keep this in mind before applying.
※If the performance is postponed or canceled after purchase, the ticket will be refunded. Please note that this does not apply to individuals who are in poor physical condition.
※It is strictly prohibited to take any audio/video/photo with camera, mobile phone or any other devices of the streaming screen. In addition, you may be subject to criminal penalties for uploading and sharing it online without permission. If such an act is found at the movie theater, you will be asked to delete the recorded contents before leaving. In that case, the ticket will not be refunded.
Please note that, same as a show, some audiences may applaud and laugh inside the theater during the event.
Please note that the screening might be terminated even before the show ends if the show continues much later than the scheduled end time. 
Please note that because this is live broadcast, video and audio may be affected due to the line conditions. 
Please note that the recording and media coverage may take photos or videos inside the theaters.
Depending on the movie theater, there may be restrictions on eating and drinking inside.
If you are planning to visit the movie theater, please check <When visiting the movie theater> <Attention for visiting the movie theaters> <Request for viewing etiquette>. Please be aware of this before purchasing a ticket and participating.

※影廳内嚴禁利用相機、手機等任何器材的錄音、攝影、拍照和直播。另外,未經允許在網路上轉載或共享攝錄内容,將會被追究法律責任。 如經查獲,將刪除拍攝內容並請其離場。此時恕不予以退票。


【When visiting the movie theater】
●If you fall under any of the following, please refrain from visiting the movie theater.
・If you have a fever (the prescribed body temperature varies depending on each movie theater), headache, cough, general pain, fatigue, etc.
・If you have close contact with a person found to be positive for the new coronavirus infection, or suspected infection of a family member or a close acquaintance
・If you have visited a country/region where the infection has continued to spread within the past two weeks

【Attention for visiting the movie theaters】
※Please wear a mask when visiting. The customer who does not wear a mask may be refused for entrance.
※We may ask you to measure body temperature before entering the venue. Please note that guests with a body temperature above the movie theater’s prescribed body temperature according to infectious disease countermeasures are not allowed to enter.
※Please cooperate with alcohol disinfection when you enter and leave.
※Please keep social distance from the persons in front and behind when you line up, enter and leave.
※Please refrain from talking in the movie theater as much as possible.
※If you feel uncomfortable or get sick in the movie theater, please contact with a staff nearby.

【Request for viewing etiquette】
※When using cheering goods (psyllium, towels, etc.), please be careful not to inconvenience other customers.
(The use of cheering goods that interferes with the viewing of other customers is prohibited.)
※Please refrain from talking during the screening.
※Please wear a mask except when eating or drinking.
(Please follow the rules of each theater for eating and drinking)
※The following actions are prohibited.
・Stand while watching
※Please use the seat you purchased for viewing.