【VAMPS LIVE 2014-2015】Live Viewing in Japan and Live Distribution Oversea Service Started!


VAMPS’ Live Tour Final “VAMPS LIVE 2014-2015″

In ZEPP TOKYO will be live broadcasted to movie theaters

and be live distributed to the world


It is confirmed that for the first time Live Viewing Japan will conduct both Live Viewing in movie theaters in Japan and live distribution to the world at the same time. 


In 2013, Live Viewing Japan has distributed high quality Japanese contents to international movie theaters including Asia, Europe and Latin America. And now Live Viewing Japan will start a new initiative, Live Distribution Service, so that more people around the world can enjoy Japanese contents more closely and more easily in real time. This is also the first time in the history that live viewing events in cinema and live distribution will be conducted at the same time. 


The first featured artists on the live viewing in movie theaters in Japan and live distribution will be VAMPS. From formation of the band, VAMPS has always set their mind on going international and in 2013, they announced the partnership with Live Nation, the world’s biggest ticket seller and promoter of live entertainment. They have been performing aggressively at home and abroad and this time, their tour final of “VAMPS LIVE 2014-2015” at ZEPP TOKYO on January 25, 2015 will be live broadcasted to the movie theaters in Japan and live distributed to the world at the same time. There will be also re-run streaming.


From now on, Live Viewing Japan will hold not only live viewing events in movie theaters but also live distribution to abroad in order to make more people aware of the attraction of Japanese Culture In the future, in addition to live viewing, Live Viewing Japan will keep the eye on live distribution for oversea, bringing and showing the charming Japan culture to more people.


【Live Viewing 《JAPAN》/Live Distribution《OVERSEAS》 Details】

◇Content Title:VAMPS LIVE 2014-2015 
◇Date and Time:≪JAPAN≫ 19:06, Sunday, January 25, 2015 start (JST) 

         ≪OVERSEA≫ 19:06 (JST)  /  10:06 (GMT) , Sunday, January 25, 2015 start 

◇Venue :≪JAPAN≫Movie theaters in Japan  

               ※Doors open time will be depends on movie theaters.
      ≪OVERSEAS≫Live Distribution beside Japan
◇Price   :≪JAPANN≫ 3,600 Yen(Tax-in) / ≪OVERSEAS≫US$10.50 or €8.90 
◇Live Distribution URL:
◇Live Distribution


Planned by:VAMPROSE


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