Live Viewing Confirmed!

X JAPAN WORLD TOUR 2014 at Madison Square Garden LIVE VIEWING DELAY Broadcast to Mexico Confirmed !

X JAPAN at Madison Square Garden LIVE VIEWING will be delayed broadcast to Mexico City, Guadalahara and Monterrey on Sunday, October 19 from 9:00am in Mexico Time! Tickets now on Sale!!!


X JAPAN WORLD TOUR 2014 at Madison Square Garden LIVE VIEWING Taiwan, Hong Kong Theaters Confirmed!
X JAPAN WORLD TOUR 2014 at Madison Square Garden LIVE VIEWING Confirmed!!



Sunday, October 12, 2014, 9:00 (JAPAN TIME)

※Starting Time will be depends on countries


Venue:Japan, Hong Kong , Taiwan and Mexico(Mexico City, Guadalahara, Monterrey)

※Additional countries will be announced later if there is any


X JAPAN Official Website http://www.xjapanmusic.com/

Planned and Organised by YSK Entertainment.inc



CountryCityCinemaLocal Information Site/TicketingTickets on Sale
China Hong Kong MCL Telford Click Here Sold Out
Taiwan Taipei Vie Show Cinemas Hsin Yi Family Port, Family Port
Mexico Mexico City Cinepolis Forum Buenavista Click Here  
Cinepolis Town Center Rosario
Cinepolis Universidad
Guadalajara Galerias Guadalajara
Monterrey Galerias Monterrey


It is now confirmed that X JAPAN Live at Madison Square Garden on Saturday, October, 11th, 2014 (on October 12 from 9:00 AM in Japan time) will be live broadcasted to the movie theaters around the world.  

This is their first performance at Madison Square Garden and thanks to the enthusiastic request from the fans around the world, it is now decided that the live will be live broadcasted exclusively to the movie theaters in not only Japan but also Taiwan, Hong Kong and Mexico. There are more requests for the live broadcast from fans in Europe and Latin America countries. 


With the pain of member’s death, head straight towards our dream !


X JAPAN has been highly recognized not only in Japan but around the world by their explosive performance and their music straddles genre categories. Since 1982 when the band was formed, their activities kept just expanding and in 1992, they started their activities in the United States.  However, Toshi left the band in 1997 and the band was stunned and shocked by the tragic death of Hide, the guitarist in 1998. Although Toshi and Yoshiki reunited and the band resumed activity in 2007, X JAPAN was again in deep grief at the loss of Taiji, the original bassist, in 2011. Having gone through many difficulties and tough times, their world tour from 2009 to 2011 was a great success and enthusiastically received by their fans worldwide. In 2012, they were chosen as the Best International Rock Band at the Golden Gods Awards. 


And finally, after a long and hard effort, the live at Madison Square Garden will be held in October 11, 2014.  This live is their dream and will be an epoch making event in the music history across the globe.


It is also great news for their fans that a new photo of the current members with the same composition as the one for their major debut album, “BLUE BLOOD” in 1989, is now released. The photo will be carried in the booklets of the live of both Yokohama and the Madison Square Garden.

*As shown


There will be no TV broadcast nor internet streaming, the “Live Viewing”is your only chance to witness the live in real time!

Anyone should witness their stunning performance at Madison Square Garden across the borders. Do not miss the miracle and historic moment of X JAPAN who creates another legend!