Limited Only for Live Viewing! Touken Danshi’s Special Message live broadcast from back stage!

  It is now confirmed that a Special Message will be especially broadcasted after the show for those enjoying the live viewing at the movie theaters in Japan, Hong Kong and Taiwan from 17:00 on Sunday, June 26.

  We will provide the real voice from the casts playing the Touken Danshi!

  Please enjoy it at the movie theaters on this occasion.

*The message will be broadcasted from the backstage after main show. Please remain seated for a while.

*Please also kindly be reminded that the special message might not be broadcasted if the main show ends much later than the scheduled time.


  To those who will come to the movie theaters, please check the information below to enjoy the show:


■Duration of the show

<Act 1> Touken Ranbu: The Musical The Story of Atsukashiyama (ca 1 hour 40 min)

<Intermission> 15 min

<Act 2> LIVE (ca 45min)

<Only for LV> Special Message from Back Stage (ca 5 min)

*Please kindly note that the duration of the show might slightly differ depending on the situation. We would also like to have your kind understanding and cooperation that the live broadcast might end in the middle of the show if the show ends much later than the expected schedule.


■Important notice to enjoy the show

   During the live part (2 act), it is possible to use cheering goods such as light sticks. Please enjoy your own style of cheering. However, please do mind the fellow audiences around you so that everyone can enjoy the show, while following the regulations and manners.


■About cheering goods

 Only the cheering goods below are permitted:

● Light sticks:  less than 30cm in length (up to 6 per person)

● Fans: less than 30 cm, handle part excluded (up to 1 per person)

*Please do not bring boards or fans bigger than the size allowed.

* Please do not hold them higher than your head during the show. Please do not bring anything that would be a nuisance to others.


Limited Only for Live Viewing! Touken Danshi’s Special Message live broadcast from back stage!
Selected Official Goods will be for sale in Hong Kong and Taiwan!!
Additional screens confirmed in Hong Kong and Taiwan!!


Live Viewing Touken Ranbu: The Musical The Story of Atsukashiyama 

Date: Sunday, June 26th, 2016 from 17:00 in

          Hong Kong and Taiwan Time.

Venue:Hong Kong and Taiwan Movie Theaters


■Touken Ranbu: The Musical Official Site

Planned and Produced by Touken Ranbu:The Musical Production Committee (Nelke Planning, Nitroplus,, Euclid Agency)



CountryCityCinemaTicketing InformationTicket on sale
Hong Kong Hong Kong MCL Telford Click Here

Additional screen ticket: (MCL only)

June 13 12:00pm (Hong Kong Time) 

the sky Click Here
Taiwan Taipei Vie Show Cinemas Taipei Hsin Yi


Fami Ticket

Additional screen ticket:

June 13 12:00pm Famiport (Taiwan Time)

June 14 12:00pm Fami Ticket (Taiwan Time)



The Complete Version has been revealed after last year’s successful trial performances.

The grand finale performance of the acclaimed musical will be live broadcasted to movie theaters!!


  It is now confirmed that the grand finale performance of "Touken Ranbu: The Musical The Story of Atsukashiyama", which is to be held on June 26th 2016 at Kyoto Gekijo, will be live broadcasted to movie theaters in Japan, Hong Kong and Taiwan by Live Viewing Japan.


  The trial performances of “Touken Ranbu:The Musical” were held in the fall of 2015. The show consists of 2 parts: the musical itself and the live concert, which received critical acclaim for its new and innovative form of entertainment, going beyond conventional musical.


  The actors “TOUKEN DANSHI team SANJO with KASHUU KIYOMITSU” released their first CD on January 1st 2016, ranking highly on the ORICON and the Billboard charts, and even appeared on TV. With the growing popularity of the actors, the complete version of the musical has finally been announced. The story will take place in Atsukashiyama and the Touken Danshi will fascinate you with their fighting, singing, and dancing!


  The actors and staff of the previous trial musicals have teamed up again to bring you an even more extravagant show, and we guarantee an unforgettable evening. Enjoy Touken Danshi’s gorgeous performance in the movie theaters and don’t miss the curtain call at the end of it!



Based on: "Touken Ranbu-ONLINE-" (DMM GAMES/Nitroplus)

Director: Isamu Kayano

Book: Chuji Mikasano

Choreography: Shinnosuke Motoyama

Cast: Mario Kuroba as Mikazuki Munechika

        Ryo Kitazono as Kogitsunemaru

        Tsubasa Sakiyama as Ishikirimaru

        Daichi Saeki as Iwatooshi

        Shunya Ohira as Imanotsurugi

        Ryuji Sato as Kashuu Kiyomitsu and more