特別通告: 香港電影院Festival Grand Cinema暫停營業及換票安排

由於香港商場又一城臨時關閉,Festival Grand Cinema由11月14日起暫停營業直至另行通知。原定於11月24日12:15pm於Festival Grand Cinema直播的"Takarazuka Flower Troupe Rio Asumi LAST DAY" 將取消,並移師到MCL德福戲院同一日期及時間舉行。

如購買了該場次之顧客,可擕同門票或訂票號碼,於11月16日至11月24日期間親臨MCL德福戲院換領門票。請注意顧客於售票處須重新選擇座位,換領手續完成後,Festival Grand Cinema的門票同時會被收回。


如有任何問題,請於辦公時間 (星期一至五9am - 12:30pm及1:30pm - 6pm;公眾假期除外) 致電MCL院線客戶服務熱線2418 8841或電郵至contact_mcl@intercontinental.com.hk。



Due to closure of the shopping mall, Festival Walk in Hong Kong, Festival Grand Cinema will be temporarily closed from Nov 14, 2019 until further notice. "Takarazuka Flower Troupe Rio Asumi LAST DAY" at Festival Grand Cinema on Nov 24 at 12:15pm will be cancelled. The live will be re-arranged to MCL Telford Cinema at the same date and time.

Ticket holders can go to MCL Telford Cinema from Nov 16 to Nov 24 to exchange tickets by presenting the movie tickets or booking number. Please note customers need to select seats again. And tickets of Festival Grand Cinema will be collected upon completion of exchange process.

For customers who choose refund, please contact MCL for further information.

If you have any questions, please contact MCL Customer Service Hotline at 2418 8841 (Mon – Fri: 9am-12:30pm & 1:30pm-6pm, except public holidays) or email to contact_mcl@intercontinental.com.hk.

Sorry for any inconvenience caused.


寶塚歌劇 花組東京寶塚劇場公演千秋樂『明日海りお(Rio Asumi)LAST DAY』官方商品將於香港及台灣影院,現場直播當天公開發售!
寶塚歌劇 花組東京寶塚劇場公演千秋樂『明日海りお(Rio Asumi)LAST DAY』現場直播 決定於香港及台灣加開影廳!
寶塚歌劇 花組東京寶塚劇場公演千秋樂『明日海りお(Rio Asumi)LAST DAY』 現場直播 詳情公開!


寶塚歌劇 花組東京寶塚劇場公演千秋樂
『明日海りお(Rio Asumi)LAST DAY』 現場直播

2019年11月24日(日)12:30 開演(香港、台灣時間)
Sunday, November 24, 2019 from 12:30 in Hong Kong and Taiwan Time

Venue: Hong Kong and Taiwan 

*『A Fairy Tale -藍玫瑰精靈-』以中文字幕呈現

※注意事項 Attention

• 活動現場嚴禁攝影,拍照,錄音。如經查獲,將刪除拍攝內容並請您離場,謝謝您的合作。

It is strictly prohibited to photograph or take any audio/visual records whatsoever in the theaters.If someone does such a prohibited act, we will delete the data and make him/her leave the theater. Thank you for your cooperation.

• 因本活動為現場直播,音質和畫質會因網絡状況等因素,而受到一定程度的干擾,敬請見諒。

Please note that video and audio may be affected due to the line conditions.

• 當演出時間大幅超過預期,直播會有可能在中途結束,敬請見諒。

Please note that the screening might be terminated even before the show ends if the show continues much later than the scheduled end time.

■Takarazuka Revue Official Site(繁体中文): http://takarazukarevue.tw/

■寶塚歌劇團 台灣官方網頁: https://www.facebook.com/TakarazukaRevue.tw/

Planned and Produced by Takarazuka Creative Arts

Distributed by LIVE VIEWING JAPAN Inc.
©宝塚歌劇団 ©TAKARAZUKA Creative Arts


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  On Sunday, November 24, 2019, the last performance of Takarazuka Revue Flower Troupe Top Star Rio Asumi, Mitsui-Sumitomo Visa Card Theater Musical "A Fairy Tale -The Spirit of the Blue Rose-", Mitsui-Sumitomo Visa Card Theater Revue Romance "Charme!" Last Performance at Tokyo Takarazuka Theater, this Live Broadcast has been confirmed in Japan, Hong Kong and Taiwan.


  "A Fairy Tale -The Spirit of the Blue Rose-" is a story about how people complicate the real world they believe in with a fanciful world they cannot see, brings adult audience a bitter-sweet yet heart-warming original musical. You have been invited to a gorgeous, fantastic universe by Rio Asumi, who brings divine beauty to "The Spirit of the Blue Rose."

  In addition, Revue Romance "Charme!" is unfolded from the underground in Paris, the city of flowers and light. Flower Troupe, a unique group led by Rio Asumi and her ability to amaze and mesmerize audiences with the variegated forms she takes on with each performance, hits the stage to present sophisticated brilliance, sensual beauty, along with hope of finding the light in the darkness.


  Furthermore, this last performance at Tokyo Takarazuka Theater will be the Last Stage for Flower Troupe Top Star, Rio Asumi in Takarazuka Revue. In these 5 and half years as the Top Star to lead Flower Troupe, with real ability, beauty like a flower, and personal charisma attracted many audiences. You can’t miss this brilliant stage performed by Rio Asumi who always keeps evolving.

  Live broadcast will bring you the performance, together with the Sayonara Show and farewell speech of the others. Please come to the movie theater next to you and enjoy the Last Stage of Rio Asumi in front of the big screen.


Mitsui-Sumitomo Visa Card Theater

“A Fairy Tale -The Spirit of the Blue Rose-”

Written and directed by Keiko Ueda


Mitsui-Sumitomo Visa Card Theater
Revue Romance


Written and directed by Daichi Inaba


Takarazuka Revue Flower Troupe
Rio Asumi, Yuki Hana and more


  2019年11月24日(日)寶塚歌劇 花組Top Star明日海りお(Rio Asumi)的退團公演,三井住友VISA卡劇場Musical『A Fairy Tale -藍玫瑰精靈-』、三井住友VISA卡劇場 Revue Romance『Charme!』的東京寶塚劇場千秋樂,將於日本、香港、台灣的電影院舉行現場直播。


  『A Fairy Tale -藍玫瑰精靈-』藉著描繪現實世界與異次元世界的交錯,道出成年人帶點苦澀又溫馨的原創歌舞劇。明日海りお(Rio Asumi)飾演不吃人間煙火清秀脫俗的「藍玫瑰精靈」,將吸引您進入耽美夢幻的世界。

  同場還有,以沉睡於花與光之城巴黎的地下城為舞台而展開的Revue Romance 『Charme!』,在各作品展現多采多姿持續散發壓倒性魅力的明日海りお(Rio Asumi)為中心,個性豐富的花組將為您編織出高雅華麗、性感美麗、從黑暗邁向光明希望的舞台。


  這場於東京寶塚劇場的千秋樂,是花組Top Star明日海りお(Rio Asumi)退出寶塚歌劇團的Last Stage。在成為Top Star以來5年半的時間裡,帶領著花組,憑著被肯定的實力和像花一樣的美艶,還有無與倫比的魅力磁場吸引著廣大觀眾。演技進化不斷、充滿閃爍光輝,明日海りお(Rio Asumi)的舞台,您絕不能錯過。

  現場直播不但會為您送上兩組舞台劇表演,還會為您送上明日海りお(Rio Asumi)的告別秀、以及退團團員的謝辭。敬請於就近電影院的大銀幕前,觀賞明日海りお(Rio Asumi)的Last Stage。