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Additional screen confirmed in Hong Kong!
Cinemas confirmed in Hong Kong!
Revue Starlight -The LIVE-#2 Transition Delay Viewing confirmed in Hong Kong!


Revue Starlight -The LIVE-#2 Transition Delay Viewing

2018年12月13日(四)18:00 開演(香港時間)
Date: Thursday, December 13, 2018 from 18:00 in Hong Kong Time

Venue: Hong Kong


This is a two-part show! The first part is a musical, the second is a concert! Bring a light stick; participation is encouraged!




※注意事項 Attention

• 活動現場嚴禁攝影,拍照,錄音。如經查獲,將刪除拍攝內容並請您離場,謝謝您的合作。

It is strictly prohibited to photograph or take any audio/visual records whatsoever in the theaters.If someone does such a prohibited act, we will delete the data and make him/her leave the theater. Thank you for your cooperation.

• 因本活動為現場直播,音質和畫質會因網絡状況等因素,而受到一定程度的干擾,敬請見諒。

Please note that video and audio may be affected due to the line conditions.

• 當演出時間大幅超過預期,直播會有可能在中途結束,敬請見諒。

Please note that the screening might be terminated even before the show ends if the show continues much later than the scheduled end time.


Revue Starlight Official Website
Revue Starlight Official Twitter @revuestarlight

Organized by "Revue Starlight -The LIVE-" Project
Distributed by LIVE VIEWING JAPAN Inc.
©Project Revue Starlight



CityCinemaTicketing InformationTicket On Sale (Local Time)
Hong Kong MCL TELFORD CINEMA Click Here Dec 4 (Tue) 12:00
the sky Click Here
Click Here [Additional Screen]
Dec 7 (Fri) 17:00
GH Citywalk
Click Here


Witness the performance of “Stage Girls” again on screen! Stage “Revue Starlight – The LIVE -#2 Transition” Final Day Performance will be delay broadcasted to movie theaters!



It is now confirmed that on Thursday, December 13, 2018, “Revue Starlight -The LIVE-#2 Transition” Final Day Performance, which was performed in October 2018, will be delay broadcasted to 24 movie theaters in Japan and also in Hong Kong.


“Revue Starlight” a new type of entertainment project bridging the worlds of stage musical and animation. Ever since staging a musical as the first wave of the project in September 2017, the 1st live of “Starlight Kuku-gumi,”a unit of the 9 main cast members, a broadcasting of TV animation, and a distribution of smartphone game application “Revue Starlight -Re LIVE- (Sutarira)” follows, and the momentum of this media mix project does not know where to stop.


Moreover, the 2nd musical “Revue Starlight-The LIVE-#2 Transition,” which was staged in October this year, the tickets were sold out instantly, and the live viewing in movie theaters in Japan marked the largest number of audience attendance of “Revue Starlight” and finished successfully. It is now confirmed to delay broadcast this stage performance once again in movie theatrs for those who could not see it before and also for those who want to see it again! It will be a great opportunity to witness the “Stage Girls” who are aiming to become “ Top Star” on a big screen.


In December, the 2nd live of “Starlight Kuku-gumi,” and in July, 2019, a re-staging of “Revue Starlight-The LIVE-#2 Transition” are scheduled. Come and experience the not-to-be-missed stage of ever-evolving project at your nearest movie theater!



Momoyo Koyama, Suzuko Mimori, Maho Tomita, Hinata Sato, Moeka Koizumi, Aina Aiba, Ikuta Teru, Ayasa Ito /Yoshika Kobayashi, Kanon Nanaki, Minami Tsukui, Yoko Kadoyama / Manae Ogo, Akari Kikunaga, Miyu Kihara, Sena Kuramochi, Saki Goto, Moe Jinko, Marino Baba, Yuna Hono / Hekiru Shiina


Producer: Akiko Kodama
Script: Kaori Miura
Revue Starlight Official Website
Revue Starlight Official Twitter @revuestarlight


The 100th Annual Seisho Festival. The members of Seisho's 99th class, Karen, Hikari, Maya, Junna, Mahiru, Nana, Claudine, Futaba, and Kaoruko, having finished their performance of “Starlight”, reveled in the fervent cheers of the crowd. One week later, there were those who still felt the lingering excitement of the stage, those who felt lost in its passing, and those who were already throwing themselves into new lessons, preparing for the 101st Seisho Festival to come. The Stage Girls passed their time restlessly, with memories of "Starlight" still lingering in their minds. It was at this time that an exchange program with Seiran University of the Arts began; Karen and the others are left blown away by the Seiran students’ display of skill. And in the middle of all this, a shocking announcement: the mysterious revue is open for auditions once more…


舞台《少女☆歌劇 Revue Starlight -The LIVE-#2 Transition》 千秋樂公演將於影院進行錄像轉播!


2018年10月上映的《少女☆歌劇 Revue Starlight -The LIVE-#2 Transition》千秋樂公演將於2018年12月13日(四)日本全國24家電影院以及香港舉行錄像轉播。


《少女☆歌劇 Revue Starlight》融音樂劇和動漫為一體,自2017年第一彈企劃的音樂劇上演以來,9位主要演員組成“Starlight九九組”1st LIVE的舉行、電視動畫的播出以及最新作品手游《少女☆歌劇 Revue Starlight -Re LIVE-》(スタリラ)的上線等活動,令人讚歎她們在跨媒體平台上的發展勢不可擋。


另外,在今年10月上演的音樂劇第2彈《少女☆歌劇 Revue Starlight -The LIVE-#2 Transition》的公演門票轉瞬售罄,於日本各地影院現場直播更創下Revue Starlight史上最高的入場人數記錄。 為了未能目睹如此空前盛況的粉絲,也為了滿足想再次回味演出的觀眾,特別於影院舉行錄像轉播!於螢幕上欣賞立志成為“Top Star”光彩照人的舞台少女們的絕好機會,切勿錯過喲!


12月“Starlight九九組”的2nd Live及2019年7月《少女☆歌劇 Revue Starlight -The LIVE-#2 Transition》重演相繼確定,您更有理由蒞臨影院,親身體驗這部預示著她們的飛躍的作品!



小山百代、三森すずこ、富田麻帆、佐藤日向、岩田陽葵 小泉萌香、相羽あいな、生田 輝、伊藤彩沙 / 小林由佳 七木奏音 佃井皆美 門山葉子 / 大胡愛恵 菊永あかり 木原実優 倉持聖菜 後藤早紀 甚古 萌 馬場莉乃 保野優奈 / 椎名へきる


脚本:三浦 香
少女☆歌劇 Revue Starlight官網
少女☆歌劇 Revue Starlight官方Twitter @revuestarlight