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『Collect*Amita』 souvenir card distribution confirmed!

Limited on the day!! It is confirmed that『Collect*Amita』souvenir card will be distributed to all the customers.

※『Collect*Amita』souvenir card will be distributed at the movie theaters printed on the ticket, on the day of Live Viewing. 
Please note that it cannot be distributed from any other movie theater or on any other day.

※Return or exchange are not allowed except for defective products of『Collect*Amita』 souvenir card.
※The picture is only for reference. The specifications and colors may differ slightly from actual card.



Additional screens confirmed in Taiwan and Korea!
『Collect*Amita』 souvenir card distribution confirmed!
Movie theater confirmed in Korea!


Pastel*Palettes Special Live 〜Manmaru Oyamani Irodori Special☆〜 LIVE VIEWING

Monday, January 27, 2020, Start from 18:00 (HK/TW Time) 19:00 (KR Time)  
2020年1月27日(一) 開演時間 18:00(香港/台灣時間)19:00(韓國時間)

Venue:Movie theaters in Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Korea



Ami Maeshima (as Aya Maruyama of Pastel*Palettes)
前島亜美(飾演Pastel*Palettes 丸山彩)


Planned & Organized by / 策劃&主辦:Bushiroad Music
Distributed by / 發行:Live Viewing Japan Inc.


City Cinema Ticketing Information Ticket on sale (Local Time)
Hong Kong MCL Telford Cinema Click Here Jan 9 (Thu) 12:00
the sky Click Here
Taipei Vie Show Cinemas Taipei Hsin Yi
Ticket Window
VIESHOW Official Website
Jan 22 (Wed) 12:00
NEW!! Additional Screen
Seoul MEGABOX Dongdaemun Click Here Jan 14 (Tue) 11:00
Jan 20 (Mon) 11:00
NEW!! Additional Screen


The long-awaited Pastel*Palettes Special Live confirmed!

The remarkable stage will be live broadcasted to the movie theaters
in Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Korea!!


It is now confirmed that Pastel*Palettes Special Live 〜Manmaru Oyamani Irodori Special☆〜, which is held at Zepp Tokyo (Tokyo) on Monday, January 27, 2020, will be live broadcasted.


Pastel*Palettes is a band from the famous smartphone game “BanG Dream! Girls Band Party!”, whose user in Japan is over 10 million (※without duplication). After the release of the 1st Single “しゅわりん☆どり~みん” as their CD debut in July, 2017, their 5th single album named “きゅ~まい*flower” was released on Wednesday, September 18, 2019.

Fans are fascinated by their cute charm as an idol band.


And then, the long-awaited Pastel*Palettes Special Live has been confirmed! The remarkable stage will be live broadcasted to the movie theaters in Japan and overseas!

The expectation is rising as to what kind of performance will be shown on stage!


Please come to the movie theater to enjoy the attractive live performance mixed with cuteness and sounds of band!






      於2020年1月27日(一),Zepp Tokyo(東京都)舉辦的Pastel*Palettes Special Live 〜Manmaru Oyamani Irodori Special☆〜將舉行現場直播。


      Pastel*Palettes是在日本國內用戶數突破1000萬人(※無重複)的超人氣手游“BanG Dream! Girls Band Party!”中登場的女子樂團。繼2017年7月發行首張出道CD單曲“しゅわりん☆どり~みん”之後,她們的第五張單曲“きゅ~まい*flower”於2019年9月18日(三)發行。








When enjoying Live Viewing

※You may stand in front of your designated seat, but please make sure not to obstruct other people’s space.

※It is prohibited to stand on your seat or move to the aisle while watching.

※You may use light sticks or penlights. (However, it will be prohibited if it becomes excessively large and troublesome to the surroundings, such as guide lights used for construction).

※Excessive calls such as extreme screams that would cause unpleasant feelings to the surrounding audiences are prohibited.

※Dangerous behaviors such as cheering acts that move the body excessively are strictly prohibited.

※Please kindly note that when the above prohibited acts or other acts that the staff judges as an obstruction to the screening are taken, we may ask you to leave the theater.


觀賞Live Viewing敬請注意








라이브・뷰잉 관람 시 주의사항

※정해진 좌석에 서서 관람은 가능합니다. 다만, 지나치게 크게 움직여 주변에 피해를 주지 않도록 부탁드리겠습니다.

※좌석 위에 올라서거나, 통로로 이동하여 관람하시는 것도 금지합니다.

※Cyalume및 펜라이트의 사용은 가능합니다. (단, 공사에 사용되는 유도등 혹은, 지나치게 밝아 주변에 피해를 주는 경우는 금지합니다.)

※주변의 관객들이 불쾌해질 수 있는 함성소리 (과도한 고함소리 등)도 금지합니다.

※위험행위(지나치게 몸을 움직여 응원하는 행위 등)에 관해서는 엄격히 금지합니다.

※위에 금지사항, 혹은 스탭이 상영에 피해를 준다고 판단했을 경우에는 제지 및 환불없이 퇴장 조치가 진행될 수 있습니다. 미리 양해 부탁드리겠습니다.