Nana Mizuki The Very First Solo Live in Singapore
Live Viewing in Asia Confirmed

Pembatalan Live Viewing di Indonesia (Cancellation of Live Viewing in Indonesia )


Kami meminta maaf sebesarnya untuk penonton yang telah membeli tiket NANA MIZUKI LIVE FLIGHT+ 2014 di Singapura. Dikarenakan oleh gangguan teknis di Indonesia, screening dibatalkan. Sekali lagi mohon maaf bagi para penggemar yang telah menantikan acara ini.


Mengenai proses refund,

Rajakarcis akan langsung menghubungi masing-masing pembeli melalui telepon untuk prosedur lebih lanjut.


Important Notice:

We deeply apologize to the customers who bought tickets for NANA MIZUKI LIVE FLIGHT+ 2014 at Singapore live viewing in Indonesia; due to the technical trouble in Indonesia, the screening is canceled. Again, we deeply apologize to whom was looking forward to the live viewing.


Regarding the refunding, will contact the customers directly via email or phone for further progress.



NANA MIZUKI LIVE FLIGHT 2014+ at Singapore Live Viewing, Official Goods Will Be On Sale in All Oversea Theaters !
NANA MIZUKI LIVE FLIGHT 2014+ at Singapore Live Viewing, Jakarta (Indonesia) Screening Confirmed !
NANA MIZUKI LIVE FLIGHT 2014+ at Singapore Live Viewing, Bangkok (Thailand) Screening Confirmed !


NANA MIZUKI LIVE FLIGHT 2014+ at Singapore Live Viewing

Saturday, September 27, 2014 19:30 (JAPAN TIME)

*Starting time will be depends on countries

Venue:Japan and Asia (Hong Kong, Taiwan etc.)Movie Theater, Kakaoke JOYSOUND Shinagawa Branch

*Additional countries will be announced later if there is any.

Nana Mizuki Official Site:

Planned and Organized by KINGS RECORDS CO. LTD.



Country City Cinema Local Information Site/Ticketing Tickets on Sale
China Hong Kong MCL Telford Click Here 8月12日
MCL Metro
Golden Harvest the sky Click Here
Taiwan Taipei Vie Show Cinemas Taipei Sun Family Port, Family Port 8月29日
Taichung Vie Show Cinemas Taichung Top City
Kaosiung Vie Show Cinemas Kaosiung FE21
Thailand Bangkok Major Cineplex Ratchayothin Click Here 9月11日
Indoneisa [NEW] Jakarta BLITZMEGAPLEX GRAND INDONESIA Click Here 9月22日



It is confirmed that “NANA MIZUKI FLIGHT 2014+ at Singapore” which will be held at Resorts World™ Theatre, Resorts World Sentosa, Singapore on September 27th, 2014 will be live broadcasted to Japan, Asia (Taiwan, Hong Kong, etc.) and JOYSOUND Karaoke at Shinagawa, Tokyo, Japan.

The live is an additional performance of her live tour “NANA MIZUKI LIVE FLIGHT 2014” along with total of 14 performances at 11 venues in Japan. In this additional tour, she will hold her first solo live in Singapore where she made a special appearance at AFA, addition to performances in Taiwan where she held her first oversea live last year

During the two-day concert in Taiwan last year , not only fans were singing along “SUPER GENERATION” on the first day and “POWER GATE” on the second day in Japanese, but they were also preparing surprise, holding up original papar fans which they made for her. Her first oversea live was finished with warm excitement and it also proved that Nana Mizuki is deeply loved by Taiwanese fans too. 

And, this year, the enthusiasm from Singapore will be delivered k to Japan and other Asia countries via special live broadcast! What kind of live will she perform this year? 

Either you are watching the live on big screen at movie theaters or gathering with friends in group and singing along at karaoke. Let’s share the unforgettable moments together!