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Takarazuka Revue Cosmos Troupe Tokyo Takarazuka Theater
Mitsui-Sumitomo Visa Card Musical 『Elisabeth: Rondo of Love and Death』

Last Day Performance Live Broadcast


2016年10月16日(日) 14:30開演

Date: Sunday, October 16th, 2016 from 14:30 (Hong Kong and Taiwan Time).



Venue: Hong Kong and Taiwan.



*Please note that casts' greeting of last performance and graduate greeting will be live broadcasted.


※注意事項 Attention

• 活動現場嚴禁攝影,拍照,錄音。如經查獲,將刪除拍攝內容並請您離場,謝謝您的合作。
 It is strictly prohibited to photograph or take any audio/visual records whatsoever in the theaters.
 If someone does such a prohibited act, we will delete the data and make him/her leave the theater. Thank you for your cooperation.

• 因本活動為現場直播,音質和畫質會因網絡状況等因素,而受到一定程度的干擾,敬請見諒。
 Please note that video and audio may be affected due to the line conditions.

 Please note that the screening might be terminated even before the show ends if the show continues much later than the scheduled end time.

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    It is now confirmed that on Sunday, October 16th, 2016, Takarazuka Revue Cosmos Troupe’s Tokyo Takarazuka Theater last performance, Mitsui-Sumitomo Visa Card Musical “Elisabeth: Rondo of Love and Death,” will be live broadcasted to movie theaters in Japan, Hong Kong and Taiwan!


    “Elisabeth” is a very popular musical which was first performed in Vienna, Austria in 1992, and had been on a long run until 1998. It was then put on a stage also in Hungary, Sweden, Netherlands and Germany.


    The story is about Elisabeth, a girl of incomparable beauty and free spirit who follows a checkered fate by becoming the Austria Empress.


     The musical “Elisabeth” is a true must-see stage production with the groundbreaking story depicting Elisabeth’s life together with an abstract character named, Der Tod (Death) who loves her and highest quality of music decorated by beautiful melodies.


    In 1996, Takarazuka Revue staged the Japan premier performance ahead of other countries around the world. Replacing the lead role in Der Tod, the Takarazuka version of “Elisabeth” got a high reputation and an overwhelming support from the fans and others because of its original directions, choreography, equipment and costumes.


    In the Cosmos troupe’s performance this time, the Top Star of the troupe, Manato Asaka will play the role of Der Tod, and the Top Musume-yaku (the Top Female role) of the troupe, Rion Misaki will play Elisabeth. The role of Franz Joseph is played by Suzuho Makaze. Celebrating the 20th anniversary of the Japan premier performance, Manato Asaka and the members of the Cosmos troupe will make another history in Takarazuka Revue’s masterpiece “Elisabeth” this year.


     Please enjoy the last day’s performance in real time at your nearest movie theater!



     即將在2016年10月16日(日)上演的寶塚歌劇 宙組東京寶塚劇場公演 三井住友VISA卡 歌舞劇『伊麗莎白』最終公演,將於日本、香港、台灣電影院舉行現場直播。


     『伊麗莎白』為1992年於奧地利維也納首演, 持續上演至98年,之後又至匈牙利、瑞典、荷蘭、德國等地進行演出的超人氣音樂劇。









■Performance Info

Mitsui-Sumitomo VISA Card Musical “Elisabeth: Rondo of Love and Death”

三井住友VISA卡 歌舞劇 『伊麗莎白-愛與死的輪舞-』

Script and lyrics/編劇、歌詞 Michael Kunze

Music/音樂 Sylvester Levay

Original production/原作 Vereinigte Bühnen Wien (United Stages Vienna)

Adaptation and direction/潤色、導演 Shuichiro Koike

Direction/導演 Naoko Koyanagi 



Takarazuka Revue Cosmos troupe
Manato Asaka, Rion Misaki and more



 “Elisabeth: Rondo of Love and Death”

      A hundred plus years since the assassination of Empress Elisabeth of Austria-Hungary (Rion Misaki), and still the assassin, Luigi Lucheni (Hikaru Aizuki), is undergoing interrogation at the court in purgatory. Lucheni claims that Elisabeth and Death were a couple in love and that it has her own wish to die. In order to prove this, he awakens Elisabeth’s contemporaries from the mausoleum. Lastly Der Tod (Death) (Manato Asaka), the lord of the underworld, appears and confesses that he loved Elisabeth. Going back in time to 1853, Elisabeth, enjoying the freedom of a princess of Bavaria, falls from her daredevil tightrope walking challenge one day and falls unconscious in critical condition. Elisabeth wanders the underworld, where Der Tod, mesmerized after a single look at Elisabeth’s vibrant eyes, brimming with life, returns her to life as she pleads. He then is compelled to continue chasing her forever. At the same time, the youthful emperor Franz Joseph (Suzuho Makaze) is reigning over a vast country at the Imperial Court in Vienna with the counsel and direction of his mother, Archduchess Sophie (Chitose Junya). While Sophie plans to match Franz with his first cousin Helene, it is Elisabeth, Helene’s younger sister, with whom he falls in love. In 1854, their wedding is held amid voices of amazement and disappointment at the tender age of the new empress. Setting aside the speculation that surrounds them, the two waltz with only happiness reflected in their faces. Der Tod appears, saying to Elisabeth that her last dance will be with him. Der Tod and Elisabeth, where will their rondo of love and death lead…?