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Takarazuka Revue Snow Troupe Tokyo Takarazuka Theater Performance

『Caleb Hunt, Private Eye』『Greatest HITS!』 Last Performance Live Broadcast


2016年12月25日(日) 14:30開演

Date: Sunday, December 25th, 2016 from 14:30 (Hong Kong and Taiwan Time).



Venue: Hong Kong and Taiwan.



※注意事項 Attention

• 活動現場嚴禁攝影,拍照,錄音。如經查獲,將刪除拍攝內容並請您離場,謝謝您的合作。
 It is strictly prohibited to photograph or take any audio/visual records whatsoever in the theaters.
 If someone does such a prohibited act, we will delete the data and make him/her leave the theater. Thank you for your cooperation.

• 因本活動為現場直播,音質和畫質會因網絡状況等因素,而受到一定程度的干擾,敬請見諒。
 Please note that video and audio may be affected due to the line conditions.

 Please note that the screening might be terminated even before the show ends if the show continues much later than the scheduled end time.

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Planned and Produced by Takarazuka Creative Arts





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     It is now confirmed that on Sunday, December 25th, 2016, the last performance of the Snow Troupe Tokyo Takarazuka Theater Performance, “Caleb Hunt, Private Eye” and “Greatest HITS!” will be live broadcasted to movie theaters in Japan, Hong Kong and Taiwan!


   The Musical Romance, “Caleb Hunt, Private Eye” is staged in the mid-20th century Los Angeles. This musical is a romantic love story of Caleb Hunt, a private detective who is investigating a case and confronting the enemy with his mates, and Yvonne who worries and supports him. In an urban trendy atmosphere, the Top Star of the Snow Troupe Seina Sagiri and Miyu Sakihi will delicately play the subtleties of men’s and women’s hearts of love.


    On the other hand, the show groove “Greatest HITS!” is a show full of liveliness, with masterpieces of songs loved in all over the world. The prologue begins with an energetic soul music and the scene goes on to the Christmas songs that everyone knows. Sometimes sweet and sometimes painful, on the series of hit melodies that brilliantly shined in each era and are still being loved, Seina Sagiri, who possesses cool but hot and sexy charms, and the greatest Snow troupe members will deliver sparkling harmonies and passionate dance!

        Please have your lovely Christmas at your nearest movie theater while enjoying the live broadcast of the Snow troupe!



   將於2016年12月25日(日)上演的雪組東京寶塚劇場公演『私家偵探迦勒‧杭特』、『Greatest HITS!』的最終場公演將於日本全國、香港、台灣電影院舉辦現場直播。



    此外,由迷醉、雀躍人心的多數名曲組成的Show Groove『Greatest HITS!』。在釋放熾熱能量的靈魂樂下開場,時而甜蜜、時而感傷,包含無人不曉的聖誕歌曲所點綴的場景等,演出在各個時代散發燦然光輝,至今仍廣受喜愛的許多樂曲,既酷帥又熱情又兼具性感魅力的早霧せいな與所率領的卓越雪組成員們將帶來閃耀和諧的歌聲與熱情的舞蹈。






【Performance Info/公演】


Musical Romance

“Caleb Hunt, Private Eye”
Written and directed by Haruhiko Masatsuka


Show Groove
“Greatest HITS!”
Written and directed by Daichi Inaba


編寫、導演/正塚 晴彥


Show Groove

『Greatest HITS!』
編寫、導演/稻葉 太地





Takarazuka Revue Snow Troupe 

Seina Sagiri、Miyu Sakihi and more

寶塚歌劇團 雪組

早霧せいな(Seina Sagiri)、咲妃みゆ(Miyu Sakihi) 其他






“Caleb Hunt, Private Eye”


During the course of an investigation, private detective Caleb Hunt (Seina Sagiri) visits a studio where he witnesses an accident resulting in the death of an actress. Following this incident, Caleb meets with Jim Creed (Futo Nozomi) and Kazno Hammer (Sakina Ayakaze), co-owners of the detective agency he works for. The three discover through the meeting that all of their current investigations involve a company called Max Actors Promotions, leading them to further investigate the company. That investigation sees them questioning a married couple from Mexico who have been unable to get in touch with their daughter. Caleb, leaving the investigation to Jim and Kazno, hurries to visit Horatio (Sho Ayanagi), his detective friend and confidant, and to greet his former brother-in-arms, Nigel (Shizuru Karyo), who is facing his own troubles with the law. Afterwards, Caleb meets his girlfriend, Yvonne (Miyu Sakihi), at a restaurant to celebrate her birthday. During the meal, Yvonne’s concerns for Caleb and his dangerous profession—and the strain those concerns are having on their relationship—come to light. The following day, Caleb is updated on Jim and Kazno’s investigation into Max Actors Promotions. Caleb gets a bad feeling about the company’s president, Maximilian (Kanato Tsukishiro). Looking into the matter further, Caleb discovers a photo of particular interest. That photo, left behind by the Mexican couple looking for their daughter, shows the face of Adele, the actress who had died in the studio the previous day. Because Adele belonged to Max Actors Promotions as an actress, Caleb begins to feel a dreadful darkness brewing just around the corner and heads to Maximilian’s mansion for questioning. There, he unexpectedly runs into Yvonne. Caleb learns that Maximilian asked Yvonne, a stylist, to draw up new fashion plans for his resort club. Once the two are alone, Caleb pleads with Yvonne to break off all contact with Maximilian as soon as possible. Yvonne, however, can’t afford to pass up the job opportunity and refuses Caleb’s request. Convinced that Maximilian is involved not only in Adele’s death but also in numerous other incidents, Caleb swears to see the investigation through to the end. Meanwhile, now that he knows detective is sniffing around, Maximilian doubles down on being extra vigilant, even while exposing a new and particular behavior...


“Greatest HITS!”


The Takarazuka Revue’s signature Show Groove features a mesmerizing and rousing collection of popular standards. Opening with a prologue highlighting spirited soul music, “Greatest HITS!” features scenes with popular Christmas songs and other masterpieces that enjoyed great popularity in their day yet continue to tug at our heartstrings. The greatest of the Snow Troupe performers, led by the hot and sexy yet composed Seina Sagiri, combine glimmering harmonies with glamorous dance..




   私家偵探迦勒‧杭特(早霧せいな)為了報告調查結果而前往攝影棚,卻在那裡遇到女演員身亡的事件。隨後,迦勒出席偵探事務所合夥人吉姆‧克立德(望海風斗)與鹿角‧哈默(彩風咲奈)召開的會議,發現三人目前各自追查的案件皆與一間名叫「麥希演員經紀」的娛樂公司有關,因而決定更進一步深入調查。就在此時,一對墨西哥夫婦來到事務所,委託尋找他們失聯的女兒。迦勒將該案交給吉姆兩人處理後,急忙前去拜訪熟識的警探霍雷肖(彩凪翔),見證昔日戰友奈傑爾(香綾しずる)的獲釋。隨後,為了替女友伊芳(咲妃みゆ)慶祝生日,迦勒急匆匆地趕往伊芳正在等待的餐廳,然而伊芳卻因為偵探一職面露擔憂,而迦勒則否定了她的憂慮,兩人之間流動著微妙的氣氛。 隔天,在聽過吉姆和鹿角針對麥希演員經紀公司的調查報告後,正當迦勒認為該公司社長麥希米利安(月城かなと)相當可疑,決定要深入調查之際,突然留意到了一張照片。那是墨西哥夫婦所留下的女兒照片,而照片上的女性就是昨天在攝影棚身亡的女演員阿黛兒。原來她也是麥希演員經紀公司的旗下藝人,迦勒深感此案背後潛藏著巨大的陰謀,因而潛入麥希米利安的宅邸,沒想到卻意外在那撞見伊芳。原來是麥希米利安委託身為造型師的伊芳,為休閒俱樂部全新的時尚方案提出提案。一等到兩人獨處,迦勒立刻試圖要求伊芳遠離麥希米利安,但未被說服的伊芳絲毫不打算聽他的話。 深信麥希米利安涉入阿黛兒身亡事件與其他多起案件的迦勒,誓言查明一切真相。而另一方面,老是圍繞在自己身邊窺探的偵探讓麥希米利安興起強烈的警戒心,因而有所行動--。


『Greatest HITS!』

由迷醉、雀躍人心的多數名曲組成的Show Groove。在釋放熾熱能量的靈魂樂下開場,時而甜蜜、時而感傷,包含無人不曉的聖誕歌曲所點綴的場景等,演出在各個時代散發燦然光輝,至今仍廣受喜愛的許多樂曲,既酷帥又熱情又兼具性感魅力的早霧せいな與所率領的卓越雪組成員們將帶來閃耀和諧的歌聲與熱情的舞蹈。