For customers visiting movie theaters,致各位光臨電影院的觀眾


In order to prevent the infection and spread of new coronavirus and so on, we request the following cooperation.

■If you are worried about your health condition, please do not overdo it.

■Please cooperate with “cough etiquette”. If you have symptoms such as coughing or sneezing, please use a mask.

■If you feel uncomfortable or get sick in the venue, please contact with a nearby staff.

■If you have any symptoms such as fever, cough or general pain, please be sure to contact with medical institution before coming to the theater, and then visit the designated medical institution.

■Admission may be refused if you have symptoms such as cold.

■Please wash your hands frequently. Thanks for your cooperation.

In order to prevent the infection and spread of new coronavirus and so on, we will implement the following measures depending on the situation.

■ The content of the announcement may be changed or cancelled due to unavoidable circumstances.

■ The following behavior may be prohibited.
・ Prohibition of standing appreciation
・ Prohibition of waving towels and flags, the use of penlights / psyllium (including the act of lighting)
・ Prohibition of cheering and clapping

■ In order to avoid crowds, some movie theaters may provide seats with some space in between them.

■ Movie theater staffs may use a mask to prevent infection and spread of the virus. Thank you for your kind understanding.