Special Present for audiences on event day!
  • orepara_postcard

A postcard will be provided exclusively to every audience at the movie theaters!
*Postcard is designed by “Sakurai” (KOTOBUKIYA), who has designed characters of OrePara artists!


本次參加直播觀眾將可獲得Sakurai (KOTOBUKIYA) 所特別設計的現場直播限定明信片一張!
*明信片圖樣為擔任OrePara官方角色設計的Sakurai (KOTOBUKIYA) 特別繪製!


Venue and ticketing schedule in Korea confirmed!
Live Broadcast confirmed in Hong Kong, Korea and Taiwan!


Original Entertainment Paradise -OrePara- 10th Anniversary 〜ORE!!SUMMER〜 Live Viewing


日期:2017年7月15日(六) 14:00 (香港・台灣時間)、15:00 (韓國時間)
   2017年7月16日(日) 14:00 (香港・台灣時間)、15:00 (韓國時間)

Date: Saturday, July 15th, 2017, start from 14:00 (Hong Kong & Taiwan) / 15:00 (Korea)
   Sunday, July 16th, 2017, start from 14:00 (Hong Kong & Taiwan) / 15:00 (Korea)



Venue: Hong Kong, Korea and Taiwan




小野大輔 / 鈴村健一 / 森久保祥太郎 / 寺島拓篤


DearDream(石原 壮馬(as:天宮 奏)、溝口 琢矢(as:及川 慎)、富田 健太郎(as:佐々木 純哉)、太田 将熙(as:片桐 いつき)、正木 郁(as:沢村 千弦))


下野 紘
SCREEN mode(Vocal:勇-YOU- (林勇)、Guitar:雅友 (太田雅友))
畠中 祐




※注意事項 Attention

• 活動現場嚴禁攝影,拍照,錄音。如經查獲,將刪除拍攝內容並請您離場,謝謝您的合作。
 It is strictly prohibited to photograph or take any audio/visual records whatsoever in the theaters.
 If someone does such a prohibited act, we will delete the data and make him/her leave the theater. Thank you for your cooperation.

• 因本活動為現場直播,音質和畫質會因網絡状況等因素,而受到一定程度的干擾,敬請見諒。
 Please note that video and audio may be affected due to the line conditions.

• 當演出時間大幅超過預期,直播會有可能在中途結束,敬請見諒。
 Please note that the screening might be terminated even before the show ends if the show continues much later than the scheduled end time.

■Original Entertainment Paradise -OrePara- 10th Anniversary 〜ORE!!SUMMER〜 Official Website  http://orepara.com/

Produced by Original Entertainment Paradise “ORE!!SUMMER” Production Committee
   (Nippon Culture Broadcasting/Lantis/Grand-Slam/HOT STUFF PROMOTION)
Supported by Lantis
Distributed by LIVE VIEWING JAPAN Inc.

©Lantis, All Rights Reserved.




CityCinemaTicketing Information

Ticket on sale

(Local Time)

China Hong Kong MCL Kornhill Cinema Click Here

Jun 16 (Fri) 12:00

Citywalk Click Here
Taiwan Taipei Vie Show Cinemas Taipei Hsin Yi



Jun 16 (Fri) 12:00

Jun 17 (Sat) 12:00 

Korea Seoul Megabox Dongdaemun Click Here Jul 3 (Mon) 11:00


Commemorating the 10th Anniversary of “OrePara”
The First Outdoor Festival is confirmed!
The 2-day festival will be fully live broadcasted to movie theaters!!


     It is now confirmed that on Saturday, July 15th and Sunday, July 16th, 2017, “Original Entertainment Paradise -OrePara- 10th Anniversary ~ORE!!SUMMER~” which is taking place at Fujikyu Highland Conifer Forest in Yamanashi prefecture, hosted by Daisuke Ono, Kenichi Suzumura, Showtaro Morikubo and Takuma Terashima, will be live broadcasted to movie theaters in Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Korea!


     This is a large-scale festival to commemorate the 10th anniversary of “Original Entertainment Paradise” (or “OrePara” for short), a music festival by male voice actors who belong to Lantis Label that started in Nakano Sunplaza Hall on December 28th, 2008.


     Apart from the 4 main hosts, the casts who have appeared in “OrePara” as guests before and also hot new faces will gather together to show the unprecedented outdoor stage live. The 2-day festival will be fully live broadcasted to movie theaters! Don’t miss out each unique and distinctive stage performance by the greatest male artists!



「OrePara」10週年紀念 首次舉辦野外FES!
為期2天的祭典 全程電影院轉播!!


  2017年7月15日(六)、16日(日)於日本山梨縣富士急樂園Conifer Forest舉辦,並由小野大輔、鈴村健一、森久保祥太郎、寺島拓篤主持演出的「Original Entertainment Paradise -OrePara- 10th Anniversary ~ORE!!SUMMER~」將於日本各地、香港、台灣、韓國電影院舉行現場直播。


  2008年12月28日從中野SUNPLAZA開始的Lantis旗下男性聲優參與演出的音樂祭典「Original Entertainment Paradise」(簡稱「OrePara」),今年為以FES形式擴大舉辦的10週年紀念活動。除了主要的4人之外,集結了新舊面孔的超豪華來賓陣容,構成前所未聞的野外舞台演唱會。這兩場為期兩天的演唱會將於日本、香港、台灣、韓國電影院現場直播!切勿錯過這場各有特色的最強男性聲優陣容帶來的夏日舞台!